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Explanation for the £225 to £325 option

Option 5 & 6

A generous bath in “SnowFoam”, (which is a persistent cleaning agent with a long ”contact time”) on the surface allowing it to react  and cut through traffic film and those pesky bugs which just love to aim for that paintwork.   The “SnowFoam” lifts the contaminants from the surface of your bike, making the clean a great deal more effective.

Then Traffic Film Remover is applied which does the final clean, activated by a low pressure jet wash, leaves the surfaces clean and ready for the next stage.

We then apply an aggressive bike safe wheel cleaner to the wheels, to get that stubborn brake dust and grease off.  A simple, but timely affair….

Removing all the bodywork panels allowing access to the engine and frame, we use specially selected products to clear the blemishes from those hard to reach areas.

Treating the exhausts to some close attention with a non-caustic cleaner removes that baked on dirt, realising the shine hidden beneath.

Next we make contact with a 2 bucket safety wash, while removing tar deposits with a “paint kind” solution, Dress the plastics before machine polishing the paintwork removing those spiderweb swirls before we hard wax the bike final touch of brilliance.

On the £325, we replace the hard wax with a 1 year Ceramic Coating, the very best protection you can apply to your bike.  Perfect.

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