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We make efforts to see if we can help you out over the phone or eMail, as it is not always necessary to call us out and be charged - when maybe its a simple thing, for free.  But of course, we love visiting our customers, and never start charging until our diagnostics begin, or spanners start spinning.

We charge a basic £85 for the callout - which includes the first half hour for free.  Following that we charge £55 per hour but that is broken down into 15 minute chunks, ensuring you get the best service - but not a stinging for it.  We work to your requirements, and discuss with you everything we are authorised to do.  At no point, will you receive an invoice much larger than you were expecting, that's just not fair.

If we feel that the diagnosis, or rectification is better done "offsite", then we offer you a pickup, where we take your bike away, and return it at an agreeable time Free Of Charge.  The diagnosis or repair is completed "offsite" where we still maintain the highest levels of integrity, accompanied with photographs, videos and conversations as if we were "onsite".  We only ever charge the "Honest Hour".

If we work onsite and diagnose the issue, but need to get parts, we will arrange another day to come back when we have the parts, and you do not pay another call out, just the hourly rate for the work we do plus the part, the price of which you have already authorised.

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