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Welcome to our Guestbook, we are very proud of our reputation with our customers and humbled by their comments.  Please feel welcome to take a mo, and read what our customers have experienced and what you can look forward to.


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Harry Bliss

So I crashed in the ice, BMS came in and got the bike back on the road again, always giving me a choice on the parts and costs so I could stay in control, Ive never know a bike shop do that before.  Then the work was done and cost just what I expected.  Perfect, thank you

Shane Bluck

I have a well used Suzuki Bandit 1200 (80k miles) and this is the third time Simon has stepped in and kept her rolling. Simon assisted in ordering 2nd hand parts to keep the costs low and has converted her back to an absolute flying machine again with a clutch/valves/service – I wouldn’t want any other bike and I wouldn’t want anyone else but BMS to look after her. A huge thank you, I am eternally grateful.

Sharon Hembury

I would like to say a big thank you to Simon for his professionalism, skill and humour he showed today while fixing my sons motorbike. No more getting up at 5 am for me to drop him in to work. The bikes’s tip top and at a great price! Great communication and service from start to finish!

I will definitely be recommending Bannons to anyone who has a problem with their motorcycle.

 Thanks once again


Charlie Cannock

It was a great feeling that I could see that my bike was getting a service, and I could interact with the work.  For the first time ever, I felt that I was getting what I was paying for.  More so actually, as the service (level2) was much cheaper that I paid in other shops.  All in all, this was a great service, Merry Christmas.

Paul Buttery

Highly recommend BMS for your motorcycle service. Simon is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy mechanic. Simon collected my bike to carryout a tier 4 service as I wanted a full overhaul of my bike keeping me informed every step of the way. Couldn't be happier thanks again.

Sally McGill

I felt so sorry for the staff at BMS as it was blowing cold I was happy to be inside!  They worked tirelessly as transformed my CBR before my eyes, the prices were reasonable to the point of ridiculous, and although I made cups of tea, I felt I was cheating them!  They finished ontime, leaving my bike all the better.  Thank you X

Phillip Bronson

I thought by bike was beyond help until I met Simon.  A project build was offered that put her back together and I truly feel she has never ridden as well as this.  Shame it’s so cold, but i cannot wait for the summer BMS all the way.

Vanessa Wilson

Thank you Simon, it was great to see such workmanship on display, coupled with a very friendly attitude makes a winning formula, and mobile of course.

James Philpot

It is tricky to put on here anything others have not already said, but the service was second to none.

Simon Cocker

I had no idea that a company like BMS existed until a Google search came up trumps.  My bike was treated to a LVL3 service, which really got a going over!  I worked from home that day to watch what was going on, but such was the detail, I actually worked, while the boys toiled over the service.  They spent the whole day on the bike, and were continually active.  I topped them up with coffee, and found that my bike at the end of the service has never felt as good as it does now.  Thank you BMS

Henry Vine

After I got a quote from a few places I settle on BMS as the best option.  it was more inexpensive than others, and when they arrived to service my Thundercat, I could plainly see I had made the best decision.  Serviced right in front of me, I had no idea how much work these guys were planning to do, but a whirr of activity had me astounded.  I greatly enjoyed the BMS format and happily recommend them to everyone.

Hilary Wilson-James

As I booked BMS on balance of this feedback, it is only fair I write my experience.  1 word, wonderful.  Happily a customer for life, thank you so much  X

Christian Dennis

Calling Bannons was quite refreshing, the guy on the phone was good humoured and we chatted for some time before we spoke about the bike, the issue was resolved over the phone, but as I am mechanically inept, they came out and repaired my bike.  Simon was the mechanic on the day and he was very patient, brimming with good information, and whilst I will not get involved mechanically (even more so now that I have found Bannons!) it was a joy to see someone so happy in their work and knowledgeable to boot.

Gilly Widdow

I must hand it to BMS, they did indeed exceed my expectations.  Simon, the mechanic, walked me through the repairs to my motorcycle and i felt that (for the first time) that I really am getting the expected value for my money, but when the bill came in, it was a lot less than I expected to pay. Thank you BMS.

Sam Carter

I am so thankful Simon, the bike had been running like a dog since the first day I got it, I had almost begun to think it was supposed to be like that, but you blew your spanners at it and it is a different machine.  I am so happy, finally able to ride the bike it was supposed to be.

David Pleat

It was your feedback on your website that spurred me to call you ahead of all the other shops and I am so happy that I did.  I have read of "second to none service" amongst other comments on your website and felt that you had the qualities I was looking for.  My Fireblade has never been bad, and yet there were some things I was never happy with despite other shops looking for (and failing to find) issues.  You spotted the head bearing fault straight away from my comments of low speed weave coupled with badly set up suspension.  Now fixed, I realise this bike has such amazing potential. Your further help with riding position has helped enormously, I cannot thank you enough, and as it was the feedback that bought you to me, it is only fair I give you feedback as well.  I hope that you always do well Simon.  You have been the often commented "Breath of fresh air".

Robert Preston

An absolute second to none service.  The attention to detail is almost unbelievable.  Maybe all bike shops are like this behind closed doors, but I seriously doubt most are.  It was interesting to see my bike open up, and quite enlightening how much work is involved in a small service.  I am very interested in seeing your skills put to use on a much larger service next year.  Thank you for now. See you soon.

Sally Krupp

My moped is back to beautiful again thanks to you.  He feels smooth and just like he should, thank you

Justin Wilmott

Hi Simon, just a quick not to say thank you to you and Dan for such a wonderful display of workmanship. The hive of activity around my bike almost took my breath away, and when the movement ceased, the bike was perfect lol.  Rides really well, sounds really good and feels completely different from what you saw when you arrived.  Thank you.  What a great service.

Tim Wilkinson

Hi, Just took the Gixer out, $@## brilliant.  Started 1st time, no shaking on the brakes and handling lovely, what a bike. Thanks alot, see you soon.

Alexander Koch de Gooreynd

Thanks Simon, she ran like a dream this morning.

Grace Oliver

Although I wanted my bike serviced, I was never sure what I was getting.  I always expect to have the wool pulled over my eyes somewhat, but reading the reviews on your website (especially from the women) I felt you were the right shop for me.  I was totally right.  You very much deserve the feedback you have received.  I hope you print mine.  Thank you Simon.

Paul Gainsborough

Thank you BMS, your diagnosis was spot on.  The bike is fixed and running like a dream.

Terry Dale

Calling BMS was the best thing I have ever done for my bike.  Servicing I can do, but these guys are wizards!

Craig Noland

Top bloke.  Bike runs great thanks bud.  A++


BMS is a company you hoped was around.  Great service, great prices, great blokes.

Polly Brighton

Simon is wonderful.  I am just getting into biking and he is the best advert for all that is great about this way of life.  My bike is running beautifully now Simon has made it better.  Thank you hun x


Simon has been simply excellent.  His level of customer service, honesty, responsiveness, reliability and flexibility have all been spot on and I have no hesitation in recommending him. Chris D.

Keith Telmark

It is a pleasing thing to have someone do just what they say they can do, in the time they said they can do it.  I have been to loads of bike shops to have

my bike serviced (Thundercat) and have never been so satisfied with the work, dedication and passion that BMS display.  Very happy.  Highly recommended.

Kelly Wilson

What a great service.

Sally Meacher

I am not sure that this bike has ever run as well as it does now.  I know it took some time to find the issue, but find it you did and I am so thankful.  I love my CBR and now I have it back, better than ever.

Chris Windle

Go BMS, it was a great experience working with you, it was simple to see how passionate you are about your work. I learned so much and will go out to get some decent tools as your kit shamed mine!

Phillip Wall

Thanks for helping me out in my hour of need. I have taken the bike in to London over the past few days and the clutch and fan have done their jobs and I have encountered no issues. Long may it last.

Ian Carrie

Just wanted to say thanks for the advice you gave me and the service, I know it’s what I paid for but makes a refreshing change to chat and see what actually goes on from someone who clearly has a passion for bikes. Thanks again.

Janice Wheater

Hi Simon, just wanted to say thank you for the superb work you have done to my Honda today.  He has been like a dream for my run into work and I am not sure he has ever felt this good.  Additionally thank you for letting me get involved, I know I made you take longer, but the fact that you didn’t charge me extra was a real boon.  I love the service that you offer, and would readily recommend you and your company to anyone.  Such a refreshing change.

Samual Timuss

Well done BMS, you have done the impossible – restored my faith in motor mechanics.  I have trawled around looking for support from shops who I felt offered a service tailored to me and yet, enable me to feel well treated and fairly charged after my last mechanic retired and had drawn the conclusion that the world was a changed place where I was second on the list of priorities.  Not so.  BMS is great, I had to wait for a booking, but that will happen with a great service, and I am happy to do so again. Thank you.

Renato DuClaire

Thank to you simon, my bike is much better.  2 garages try to sort it but you found the problem thank you.

Peter Saunders

Used the Bandit for work today. Started on the button and rode lovely. Thanks again for the great service.

Hannu Kuosmanen

Thanks so much for today and getting my bike running again!

Phil Munn

Excellent excellent service from Simon today, arrived dead on time talked through and sorted my fuel line problem in no time at all, very knowledgable and happy to show me and talk me through everything that was being sorted, cannot rate these guys enough! Will be seeing them for a full service at the end of March! Thanks again !

Nick Baddeley

Thanks Simon it was a pleasure to chat with you and thanks for explaining things as you went along. I have already given your name to a mate of mine who is looking to buy a Divi 900.

I will let you know next time I need anything on the Daytona

Alex Babic

I can highly recommend Bannons Motorcycle Service. Simon is the kind of specialist you don't actually think exists. He was sure to explain everything he was going to do and put my mind totally at ease. He is a very nice guy too. He clearly loves his bikes as well!

Jack Hope

I instructed Simon to service my 125 cc Honda CBF, which really needed doing as I was having a few issues. Having used main dealer servicing in the past, I never felt I was getting value for money, and it seemed I was being led down the garden path. From the moment I shook Simon's hand I knew the bike was in good hands. It was a good experience as Simon explained each part of the service what he was doing and what different parts on the motorcycle did. He quickly diagnosed the issue I was having which was a faulty rear wheel bearing, and he returned with a colleague at a later date to change bearing, sprockets and chain, and fit a new tyre, unfortunately the bearing had took these as hostages so had to have them changed!

So if you have any doubt at all about using Bannons then don't! I fully recommend Simon and his company, so professional, very friendly and prices are extremely reasonable. Thank you again!

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