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The Level 3 Service.

Now we enter the realm of meticulous care and attention. Our premium service goes above and beyond, examining and lubricating an extensive 89 critical points of your machine, leaving no nook or cranny untouched.

To ensure a thorough inspection, we go the extra mile by removing more hardware from your bike. This allows us to thoroughly check components that are typically challenging to access, such as brake caliper pistons, ensuring their optimal functionality.

We dedicate time to assess the wear rate and reliability of the components you rely on, diligently searching for any signs of looseness, corrosion, tightness, breakage, or wear.

As always, our service includes the use of market-leading Semi Synthetic oil, a Hiflo oil filter, and a new air filter. Moreover, we provide a full set of NGK components to further maintain your machine's performance. For a small additional cost (price on application), we also offer a K&N Filter charger, which can be found in the "Our Products" section for detailed information.

This comprehensive service is offered at a price of £410, including the kit. Should you request a K&N filter, we will apply a discount equivalent to the cost of the standard filter. We are pleased to provide you with this exceptional service, tailored to meet your bike's needs.

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