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At BMS, we always strive to find ways to offer our customers the very best service.

On top of market leading brands, extended working hours, no official holidays, no additional charges for motorcycle collection/delivery coupled with competitor stumping hourly rates, we also offer the option of Extra Care.

A motorcycle sat for any extended length of time can suffer from perished tyres, stagnant fuel, blocked carburettors, “first start” engine damage through oil drainage, pitted and rusted forks, pitted discs, difficult starting, flat electrics and rodent damage to name a few.

A used motorcycle suffers none of these.

Extra Care is a service which looks after your motorcycle over extended periods of time, storing it in fully insured, unadvertised, secure, dry, and powered facility where the ravages from lack of use are kept at bay.

BMS offers this service to its customers whose life is often too busy to pack in weekly rides, maintenance, servicing, etc, so just relax.......we’ll take care of it for you.

BMS road-ride* the motorcycle every week for a three to five mile trip and deliver the machine back to you, just when you need it.**

This is a service which over time saves on costly repairs, keeps your bike in tip-top condition mechanically – and gives you some garage space back!

All this “Extra care” comes to you for £55 per month. (Minimum 3 months) Shorter terms available POA

Have “piece of mind” while you are away, because your bike is being well looked after.

If you would like to take up this offer, please contact us by clicking here.

****Please read terms carefully paying attention especially to include “Lien” *** Terms available on request

*Roadride only possible on a road legal motorcycle

**with reasonable notice, if 2 or more deliveries are made within a 3 months period, a delivery and return payment of £50 is attracted for the second and subsequent deliveries. And all consecutive deliveries until a three month period has passed or the contract has expired.


Nowhere to store your bike?  *snick BMS have the answer....

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